Level 2: Logo Design Complete Master Class Illustrator CC

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Level 2: Logo Design Complete Master Class Illustrator CC

Level 2: Logo Design Complete Master Class Illustrator CC

Course topic:

Professional logo design in four hours. Just through the Logo Design Complete Master Class Illustrator CC course, learn all you need to professionally design a logo on Illustrator Creative Cloud, famous for Illustrator CC, through interactive learning, which is the professional way to learn in a way Better by learning the principles and basics and applying them to real global faces. Yes, you will be able to design more than 25 global logos with the coach John Hany. More than 12 years of experience in the field of graphic design and work in the largest design companies in Egypt and abroad. I will hand you this experience in full through a series Courses of 6 courses (you can click on the course name to open a new page for you):

  1. Photoshop & Illustrator Essential Training
  2. Logo Design Illustrator CC 2020
  3. Indesign CC 2020 Complete Master Class
  4. Branding Identity
  5. Photo editing Photoshop CC
  6. Becoming freelancer and work online


The course is free:

The value of the course alone is $ 50, and within the membership, the full diploma will take 6 courses for $ 35 instead of $ 300, meaning that the course will be $ 5.8, yes the value of the global logo design course on the Illustrator program is only $ 5, and this is what makes the course free, or in other words more correct Nearly free, if you are looking for a free full graphic design diploma, this is your place. We have provided you with a complete graphic diploma at a very affordable price that makes it affordable to get the highest value for the lowest price.  

Who is this course for:

  • This course is for those who ask how do I start designing global logos and where to start.
  • This course is for those who want to learn Illustrator CC program with complete professionalism
  • This course is the start for those who want to learn to design international logos in less than four hours.
  • This course is for those who dream of designing any logo they see, whatever it is, through only one course without getting lost between more than one source and more than one video on YouTube, without any use and a waste of time.


The required level:

The course is for the intermediate level, so it is necessary before starting this course to start the Level 1 course: Photoshop CC & Illustrator CC Essentials Training. It is required that you know the basics that you will learn during the first level course, and this course will put you on the beginning of the path of professionalism in designing international logos. After this course, you will be able to design a logo for one of the giant companies on your own without anyone’s help. Here is what you will learn inside this interesting course:

  • An interesting introduction to global logos, their types, and the basics of global logo design
  • Logo design that depends on fonts only
  • Draw logos using squares and circles only
  • Drawing logos via the Appearance panel
  • Facade drawing using Complex Shapes
  • A complete explanation of the most important tool inside the Pen Tool
  • Professional steps to deal with colors within the program
  • Apply what you’ve learned by drawing global faces
  • Geometric design for global faces


Course features

Illustrator Logo Design Course:

You may have searched a lot for an organized and coordinated course for designing logos on Illustrator, so why choose this course over the rest of the logo design courses on the Internet:

  • Initially, the trainer chose before anything else, so the diploma coach was a. Youhanna Hani is a professional trainer with more than 12 years of experience in the field of design and graphics. He previously designed international logos and worked with more than one international company around the world. Internet yard.
  • Secondly, the course is not academic, and this is very important in the field of graphic design. Not only do you look for academic courses in which you learn how to use tools, but rather look for practical courses that you graduate from able to design works similar to the works you see in front of you anywhere.
  • Third and most importantly, what you will be able to do and implement at the end of the course, course, or diploma, you can now take a tour to see what you will be able to implement at the end of the course, and I have put you full details about what you will learn through this course.


Course content:

Logo Design Complete master class Illustrator CC - Logo Design Course

  • Chapter 01- Before Starting – Logo Design Illustrator CC (First semester – Before Starting – Logo Design course in Illustrator)

    Before starting the course (Logo Design Course on Illustrator), you must download Illustrator CC in the versions recommended for you in this article, secondly, you must download the training files in the resources (access to the resources is allowed after subscribing to the diploma) and you must keep a note side to write the most important points in order to Remember it later.
  • Chapter 02 – Drawing Basic Shapes – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 2 – Drawing basic shapes – Illustrator CC design course)

    You can imagine that many global logos are designed through simple basic shapes on Illustrator. Here is in detail what we will learn in this chapter: 01- Understanding Paths: We will learn to deal with paths or lines and we will know the difference between the straight path or a straight line and the curved path. Or oblique and closed path, which is found in circles, squares, and ovals. 02- Direct Selection Tool: It is one of the most important tools in Illustrator. Without this tool, it is very difficult to control shapes and change them flexibly. 03- Lines and Curves: Learn how to draw straight, diagonal or wavy lines. 04- Spiral Tool: or the spiral tool, it is rarely used, but we recognize it inside a group of fonts. 05- Mixed Shapes: You can draw a logo using mixed shapes or nested shapes after learning this lesson. 06- Modifying existing shapes and paths: Learn how to tweak the design lines in very simple and easy steps. 07- Drawing modes: You can arrange shapes forward and backward through the drawing modes tool. It is a very easy tool that we will learn together in the penultimate lesson of the logos course in Illustrator. 08- Width Tool: How to change the thickness of a line or the path using Illustrator. Only through this lesson you will learn the width tool to change the thickness or width of any line you are working on.
  • Chapter 03 – Transforming Objects – Logo Design Illustrator CC

    In this interesting chapter, we will do the transforming of shapes or changing them and converting them through Illustrator CC. Here is what you will learn in detail in this chapter: 01- Creating text outlines: Learn how to make the speech you wrote just lines and not font. 02- Rotating Objects: Learn how to rotate shapes at any angle you want. 03- Grouping Objects: Learn how to place all shapes in a group within the program so that you can control them together. 04- Using isolation mode: In this lesson, we will learn how to define a specific shape within the created group. 05- Duplicating Objects: or duplicating the design more than once within the program is one of the important basics for designing logos that you have to learn. 06- Scaling and Transforming: Learn how to do scaling, that is, to enlarge, reduce and control the shape that you draw, and how to do Transforming or complete change of shape and transform it. 07- Mitsubishi Motors logo:How to design Mitsubishi Motors logo08- Reflecting Objects: In this lesson, we will learn together how to make a reflection or reflecting the shape that you draw. 09- Transform Each: Through this wonderful tool, you will create wonderful artistic shapes in simple steps that do not exceed seconds.
  • Chapter 04 – Logos Just Fonts – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 4 – Logos Just Fonts – Illustrator CC design course)

    How to design Logos Just Fonts Learn to design logos just fonts In this very small chapter consisting of one lesson and at the same time very important you will learn how to design a logo using fonts only, and you will get acquainted with international logos that are only Logos Just Fonts, you will discover an important thing inside this chapter that it is not necessary to design a giant logo In order to design a global logo sometimes, you can draw a global logo by writing only.
  • Chapter 05 – Rectangles logos – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 5 – faces of squares and circles – Illustrator logos design course)

    You can also draw a global logo using Rectangles or squares, circles, and ovals, perhaps you think that I am fooling you, but what if you knew that you can design 11 logos in this chapter only through the Rectangles. Here are the logos that you will learn in this chapter: 1- BBC Logo Design 2- National Geographic Logo Design 3- Microsoft Logo Design 4- British Council Logo Design 5- Ikea Logo Design 6- Facebook Logo Design 7- Linked in Logo Design 8- Udemy Old Logo Design 9- Cisco Logo Design 10- Columbia Logo Design 11- LG Logo Design How to design Rectangle Logo Learn to design a logo with squares and circles
  • Chapter 06 – Appearance panel – Logo Design Illustrator CC

    You may see that this chapter is very short and completed, but you must know that it is very important to learn to deal with the Appearance Panel, which is a very important tool for drawing logos with multiple layers, and in this chapter you will learn: 01- Exploring Appearance Panel: In this lesson you will discover the Appearance panel and how, using this simple tool, you can draw a global logo. 02- Applying multiple effects: How to place effects or effects on the Appearance panel.  
  • Chapter 07 – Complex Shapes – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 7 – Interlocking Shapes – Illustrator CC design course)

    Designing complex shapes or overlapping shapes is one of the most important lessons that I will need to teach to start entering the design of global logos, from my opinion as a trainer, this is the most important chapter in this course of course you need to study the whole course to design a logo professionally, but at the same time you need to focus on this chapter The lessons of this chapter are: 01- Creating compound paths: Compound paths are an important tool for deleting part of a shape and then returning and modifying it at any time. 02- Pathfinder Panel: One of the two most important tools for professional logo design, the first you will learn in this lesson is the Pathfinder Panel for designing logos and cutting its parts professionally. 03- Shape Builder tool: In this lesson, you will learn the second very important tool that we will use repeatedly, which is the Shape Builder tool. Without this tool and the previous tool, you will not and will not be able to draw a professional logo.
  • Chapter 08 – Pen Tool – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 8 – The Pen Tool – Illustrator CC design course)

    The Pen Tool inside the Logo Design course is one of the most important tools that you have to master and learn carefully. Perhaps this lesson is a review of the previous lessons, but we will learn in it how to design the Adidas logo How to design Adidas logo02- Draw curved paths: In this lesson you will learn how to draw diagonal lines using the Pen tool and you will simply master this. 03- Twitter Logo practice: In this lesson, you will learn and master the use of the pen toon tool by drawing a Twitter logo. Master the design of the Twitter logo easily through this lesson.
  • Chapter 09 – Working With Colors – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 9 – Working With Colors – Illustrator CC design course)

    Colors are one of the most important features of your logo and make it a professional and global logo, so in this chapter you will learn the rules of color design in the global logo design course on Illustrator, and here are the details: 01- Process vs global: Two types and two ways to use colors inside Illustrator, namely Process and global, and this is the topic we studied This. 02- Color Group: In this lesson, you will learn how to draw colors from a specific image, and you will learn how to place them inside a group. 03- Using Adobe Color: Using Adobe Color is indispensable for any professional graphic designer, as it is the professional site from which you will get the latest colors and you will find many new innovations and ideas for colors depending on the topic you are working on, you can view the site from the following link: https: // color.adobe.com/ 04- Loading ASE files into Illustrator: In this lesson, we will cover how to use the colors on the website and upload them to Illustrator CC.
  • Chapter 10 – Exercises – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 10 – Exercises – Logo Design Course in Illustrator)

    In this fun chapter, you will design 10 global faces yourself, you will learn a new idea in each new logo After this chapter, you will be able to design 90% of global logos in simple steps, and the rest of the logos you will learn in the remaining chapters and this is what you will learn in this chapter:
    01- Master Card Logo: Learn to design a Master Card logo professionally. How to design Master Card logo02- Pepsi Logo: Learn professionally designing the global Pepsi logo. How to design Pepsi logo Learn to design Pepsi global logo03- NBC Logo: Learn NBC logo design with ease with this tutorial. How to design NBC logo04- Olympic logo: How to design the Olympic logo for World Olympiad. How to design Olympic logo Learn Olympic logo design05- Google Chrome Logo: Learn to design a professional Google Chrome logo. How to design Chrome logo06- Impala Logo: Learn to design the logo of an impala deer like. How to design Impala logo Learn to design a professional Impala logo07- Gradient Flower Logo Design: Learn to design a flower logo using gradient or color gradient. How to design Flower Gradient Logo Learn to design a professional rose logo08- Rectangles Elephant Logo: Learn to design elephant logos with Rectangles. How to design Elephant logo Learn professional elephant logo design09- Night Dog logo: Learn to design a howling dog logo integrated inside the moon (professional integration logo). How to design Night Dog logo Learn to design a professional logo merge10- 3D 8 Logo: In this lesson, you will learn to design a logo for the 8 letter as 3D.How to design 3D 8 logo Learn to design a 3D logo
  • Chapter 11 – Cartoon Logo Sketch Drawing – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 11 – Cartoon Logo Drawing Using Sketch Drawing – Illustrator Logo Design Course)

    How to Design Cartoon Sketch Logo Learn to design a logo by sketching
    In this chapter, cartoon logo sketch drawing, you will learn how to draw a professional logo sketch from A to Z. You will start by drawing the sketch on a white paper, then you will photograph it on the mobile, then you will draw it on Illustrator through Pen Tool Then we will color the cartoon after that we will add magic touches to the colors to appear professionally and finally we will write the word that will be placed under the cartoon drawing to complete the logo with us.
  • Chapter 12 – Geometric Logos (Advanced) – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 12 – Geometric Logos (Advanced Level) – Illustrator CC design course)

    How to Design Twitter Logo Learn to design Twitter logo How to Design Apple Logo Learn Apple logo design
    Drawing through Geometric Logos or geometric shapes is very fun and fun. From this advanced chapter, we will draw the Twitter logo and the Apple logo with amazing professionalism. Through this amazing idea of ​​Golden Ratio, you will learn in detail what you will do in this chapter.
  • Chapter 13 – Logo Presentation – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 13 – Presenting a Logo to a Client – Illustrator CC design course)

    Many designers, after they get tired in designing the logo, and it takes time and effort from them to present to the client in an unprofessional way that makes the customer dissatisfied with the performance and dissatisfied with the design, and the problem is not really in the logo in which the designer is tired, although some times the problem is actually in the logo or that the logo is far About the customer’s thought, but what is meant here is that sometimes the customer’s dissatisfaction is the result of the non-professional way of presenting the logo, and this is the topic of this chapter, how to present the logo to the customer professionally.


  • Chapter 14 – How to Get logo Design Idea – Logo Design Illustrator CC (Chapter 11 – How to find a new logo idea – Illustrator CC design course)

    Getting to the idea of ​​a new logo is one of the most difficult daily challenges facing a logo designer, but after this chapter, designing logos and finding a new logo idea will become one of the easiest steps that you will be able to implement. You will know the principles that you should follow to design professional logos.


  • Chapter 15 – What’s Next – Logo Design Illustrator CC (الفصل الخامس عشر – ماذا بعد – كورس تصميم اللوجوهات ببرنامج اليستريتور)

  • ماذا بعد هذا الكورس هذا هو ما ستعرفه بداخل هذا الفصل

تصميم شعار على الفوتوشوب: كثيراً ما قرأت هذه الجملة في كلمات البحث “تصميم شعار على الفوتوشوب” ولكن رجاء الملاحظة انها خاطئة تماما، هذا خطأ فادح لأن الفوتوشوب هو برنامج يعتمد في المقام الأول على ال Pixels وليس ال vectors والفرق بين الاثنين شاسع:

The pixel or written in Arabic. When we design logos we use Illustrator because it is concerned with the vector element, which is an element that makes enlarging shapes of any size, no matter how much they are, does not weaken them.

Hence, we know that Photoshop is not a suitable program for designing the logo or logo, but rather it is the most appropriate program to deal with and modify images.  

The course Illustrator CC program


Versions suitable for taking the course:

  • Illustrator CC 2020
  • Illustrator CC 2019
  • Illustrator CC 2018
  • Illustrator CC 2017
  • Illustrator CC 2016
  • Illustrator CC 2015


Versions not suitable for taking the course:

  • Illustrator CC 2014 ME
  • Illustrator 13 CS6
  • Illustrator 12 CS5
  • Illustrator 11 CS4
  • Illustrator 10 CS3
  • Illustrator 9 CS2
  • Illustrator 8 CS
  • Illustrator 7.0 ME
  • Illustrator 6.0 ME
  • Illustrator 5.5 ME
  • Illustrator 4.0 ME

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